Nanjing Jiangning Science and Technology Venture Investment Group (The group) is a state-owned financial group established in January, 2012.The group is government-guided, market operated and professional managed. Positioned to be a financial organization serves for public interest and supports technology entrepreneur.The group has a mission to "service technology entrepreneurship, nurture new industries and boost the traditional industries" It emphasizes increasing innovation and self-development capacity and focuses on building a first-class financial control model for science and technology financial group. So far it has established a complete Science and technology financial integrated service system.The groupowns eight subsidiaries which include both debt and equity financing; both capital and goods financing and both online and offline financing.The group provides diversified technology and financial services for thetalent entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises. Our servicesinclude equity investment, security, technology loans, financial leasing, asset management consulting and so on. Our annual service capacity is over 10 billion yuan per year and we serve more than 1,000 enterprises per year.The group has become a venture center of ”Innovation and Entrepreneurship project” in Jiangning,the first batch of " Provincial Venture Capital Agglomeration Development Demonstration Area", " Talent innovation and entrepreneurship service center of Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu province Internet financial association deputy director expert unit","National domestic leasing company pilot unit",and "Special institutions of science and technology finance in Jiangsu".The group has won the"Top 20 of National Government guide fund"," Jiangsu Province Financial Leasing Innovation Award ", " Nanjing Financial Innovation Award "and so on. The group has became the most concentrated place for financial resources, the most perfect unit for financial function and the most prominent area of the financial theme. in Nanjing.

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